Different material surfaces
unveil its own metallic enchantment.
Each has its own unique beauty and luster

The protective surface layer,
formed by natural oxidation,
prevents further rusting.

Through our effort and pride,
The birth of the brand, "青 TSHEN",
with the accompanying deep chromatic colors and soft and timeless tones
exudes a unique and charming metalic ambiance

About ABME

About ABME

Let the beauty of the world be retained
Create a secure, sustainable, and stylish living environment through metal building materials

Based on the humanitarian principle, ABME is committed to the goal of "recycling of energy and resources”, using metal materials as elements to develop environmentally friendly, recyclable, and life-extending products. In response to Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) released by the United Nations in 2015, metal materials, artistic designs, and composite processing and surface treatment technologies have been developed for various metal applications in building materials, appliances, and decoration. ABME is not only an everyday life facilitator, but also a guardian of the environment, working towards the goal of sustainable development of enterprise and environment!

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